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Poems, quotes, jokes, stories, blog and dating.

Jaro 2019

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Leidenschaft, Verlangen und Sex sind für..
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The last piece of the puzzle, 03.04.2018
To place the last piece into the puzzle ..
Terrified of Love, 21.09.2012
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Given that some people reported in the wrong categories (sections) on the dating site, I made it eas...
When you are on the detail section of the section on the dating site, you have the option to filter ...
On the introductory page, it is now possible to see the complete list of people who are currently on...
Big day :) PeopleLovePeople's new responsive sites are in the world.
To all PeopleLovePeople fans, thank you for your favor in 2017 and look forward to your contribution...
At the beginning of 2018, we plan to launch responsive pages.
About the project

PeopleLovePeople.com web site is based on the original basnickyolasce.cz that was highly successful website.


We have been extended PeopleLovePeople by new sections. The most interesting are poems, confessional, quotes, stories, jokes, blog and there is also dating. It is now possible to register and obtain the benefits of membership. Web site offers a wide range of entertainment, visit the sections jokes, or quotes that entertain you but also inspire your life.


Web site is constantly expanding with a new functionality. Recent enhancements includes the confessional, enhancements in quotes section, where we added a new section of quotes and their authors. Here were added biographies of authors, opportunity to shoot-out quotes, etc.


Every week we bring you and we will continue to bringing new poems, quotes, jokes and stories. In addition to this confessional has a lot of interesting confessions, as they result directly from life. The portal is videly visited by our fans, who create a large part of the content themselves.


We are very happy and would like to thank to our fans. If they're not one of them yet, we are look forward to your contributions. You can add poems, quotes, jokes, stories, as well as your own blog. It's very simple.


We are now in the first phase of the portal. In the next phase we will work on foreign parts of the site, which will bring poems, quotations, jokes and stories from people abroad. Confessional will offer an interesting stories. Quotes will be enriched with other foreign authors.

You will be able to view the authors of the poems from Germany and England, but also from China, USA and other countries.


We believe that these innovations will be interesting for you and you will continue to help us to improve the site.


The confessional is a novelty on the portal PeopleLovePeople. We created the confessional, so there is a section where you can write your own stories and then possibly get your absolution.


The confessional is a place for all people who have some trouble in their lives and want to share it with others and thereby lose some of their heavy rock on their back.


There is nothing more difficult than the to roll stone on your own. Try our confessional, we look forward to your stories.

Below you find a poem sections popular among our readers on People Love People.

Poems for boys

Poems for girls

Love poems

Sad poems

Good night poems

Among most popular quotes are quotes on life, quotes on disappointment and quotes on love. Below is list of sections where you will find quotes from various authors. You can also add your own quotes.

Quotes on life

Quotes on love

Quotes on friendship


Among the most popular jokes are blonde jokes and joke about cops. In the following text you will find jokes for laugh and good mood. People Love People is a site full of fun and humor.

Blond jokes

About little Pepo

Jokes about doctors

About cops

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Among the most frequently read stories on PeopleLovePeople are adventure stories, sci-fi, fantasy stories and love stories.

Erotic stories

Stories that will raise your pulse and stir your imagination are called erotic stories. Many young couples searching for this genre to enrich their love life. Erotic stories are an enrichment for anyone who is curious.


Erotic stories, as well as the confessional is based on real stories that could happen to you.


Erotic stories, however, are inaccessible to minors. The content of stories may be offensive for some readers. If you belong to any of these groups, please leave.

What blog is most frequently read on PeopleLovePeople?

Jokes and quotes


If you are not for reading have fun in the section jokes, if you are looking for wisdom of ancient or recent thinkers, section quotes is for you.


Blog posts, as well as the confessional are interesting for their content.


PeopleLovePeople dating helps people to find the right one.


Dating allows you to set up your own profile that can be easily edited. Adding photos to your profile increases atractivity of it and thus the possibility of appeal to interesting people.


Dating is the perfect way to find a partner for people who are ashamed. If you have already found the right one and you want to have fun and laugh together, visit the jokes and quotes.


If you are disappointed with love, PeopleLovePeople confessional is the rigt place for you. Here you can confide your problems, consult with other readers and get another and new perspective on your problem.



Why do we have ads on the site?
„The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.“

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Lucius Annaaeus Seneca


Poems, poems are a good way to express your emotion. Write your own poems, read poems by many authors.


Jokes have been for centuries a source of entertainment. Blonde jokes about Pepička about sex. On the site you can also write jokes. Quirks are ranked.


You can blog on the portal PeopleLovePeople read or write well. Blog can write on various topics. Articles about life, politics, society.

Confessional is for all people who want to share their story, or just to read other people's confession. Confessional full of life stories.


Video organized into categories. There joking, video clips, funny commercials.


Dating for boys and girls looking for love. Dating is a fateful issue for young couples and couples of marriageable age.

Quotes ancient thinkers and philosophers are sorted alphabetically by author. Quotes can read or write their own quotes and share with people about your ideas.

Stories are the secrets of our memories. Stories, erotic stories and stories on various topics. In love stories, adventure stories, erotic stories.


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