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QR code

QR kódThe origin of the word "QR" comes from English and is an abbreviation of the words: "Quick Response", which can be translated as a fast response. In the following, you will learn that it is exactly that.

QR code sample can be seen on the left. So you could read the code, so it needs QR reader, which is the Internet to download large amounts. Most of them are free. The second thing you need is a mobile phone with a camera and an internet connection. If you connect to the Internet via the phone in places with wifi coverage such as cafes, libraries, restaurants and pay nothing to the mobile operator, so you reader lets you scan QR codes, and then once you have a connection, so you can look at the content. It's simple really, read on.

Usage QR code on your site PeopleLovePeople.com

Seznamka a QR kódyQR code to visit people in dating and also PeopleLovePeople profile page for each user. QR code contains the Web address of the user page where you QR loaded. QR code you can use eg. To ensure that you have on your mobile phone transferred the reference to a girl or boy that interests you. In the following, you will learn where you can download the QR reader.

QR reader
QR reader download on the Internet.
Sample video about QR codes
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