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Viola (2)
Jméno Ray
Příjmení Molckzy
Věk 51
Město Rochester
Pohlaví Muž
Stát Czech Republic
Jazyk English
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O mně
I am a deeply loving and romantic soul, my values would be considered by many to be rather old-fashioned. Family ties, long term friends and simply enjoying life are far more important to me than material values.I have always been a many-sided and versatile person,with a love of all things beautiful. My resourcefulness and creativity are enormous, and to be found everywhere in my surroundings. I am very well educated and have traveled and lived abroad for many years of my life.My home is presently in Cleveland Ohio.I can loose myself completely listening to Opera and classical music.I have not quite reached the age of retirement, but will relatively soon!At that point I am free to rethink where I might wish to spend the remaining years of my life and with whom... should be serious and sincere about wishing to build a real and deep loving relationship and I have found it is helpful to share the capacity to laugh not just together but over oneself. No Agnostics, Atheists or "I don't knows"sorry, that just wouldn't work for I am deeply connected to that which may be called by many names, but we Christians call: God.
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